Glentress freeride trail

Outdoors time at Glenntress – Glentress freeride trail. Short and fun little trail with tabletops all the way down.

The trail takes a more direct route down the hill and starts as it means to go on with three logs all in a row. Logs are no more than a couple of feet off the ground, but they pretty narrow, only 10 inches.

Next comes a drop with a long run out which takes you to a left-hand berm. Then you have ladder drops: small, medium and large.

The first ladder can be rolled off. The other ladders you have to jump!

Land on the steep run out and set up for a right-hand berm. Berm fires you onto the first wallride.

You have to be careful with these, and maybe just ride the first one. That then leads to the bottom section.

Video by A. McLean

Glentress Duathlon

We managed all three races in the series and would highly recommend this kind of events if they are as well organized as this was, very friendly, great fun and great value.

It had 7000 feet of ascent over the three races on great tracks and trails, and it was tough.

The highlight was the mtb-trail, it had everything from twisting singletrack to rocky sections with sweet drops and rooty downhill forest track. Brilliant and maybe a bit out the comfort zone for many, but suitable challenging, and hopefully, we can find similar tracks on other races.We had some nice views across the valley as a bonus.

It is a good bonus if you have trails and runs in scenic and beautiful places.  Overall your race needs to be physically punishing in a good way. The friendly competition atmosphere is always welcomed.

And Glentress Forest has nice mountain biking trails, even without any race.

Glentress Duathlon

The Glentress Duathlon was a series of three races run in the winter months. It was held ten times, and the last race was 2012 with 100 entrants.

Each race consists of a Mountain Bike Cycle and a Hill Run, not necessarily in that order.

The races could be run as a solo or a team (one runner one cyclist).

The first race is medium with the winner is expected to cycle for 30 minutes and run for 30 minutes. The second is the short 20 minutes each and the third is the long 40 minutes each.

The course, bike and run, were always exceptional, laid out around all the obstacles area has to offer from fallen trees to forestry work.

The weather was usually varying, but last year the weather was kind, kind being a relative term.

It was very well run, and it had a fun atmosphere.

Here you can find more about the differences between triathlon and duathlon.