Triathlon Racing during the Winter

Triathlon Distances

There are set of standard triathlon distances which are shown below:

  • Novice: 400m swim / 10Km bike / 2.5Km run
  • Sprint: 750m swim / 20Km bike / 5Km run
  • Standard (Olympic): 1500m swim / 40Km bike / 10Km run
  • Middle Distance: 1900m swim / 90Km bike / 13.1 mile run
  • Long Distance:3800m swim / 180Km bike / 26.2 mile run

Official triathlon page – The European Triathlon Union (ETU)

Difference between triathlon and duathlon

  • A triathlon involves a swim, followed, by a cycle, and finally a run (with no rests in between!).
  • A duathlon is similar and has a run, a cycle, and then a second run.

Some triathlons have pool based swims, while some are done in the open water, often with wetsuits.

Triathlon Top Tip

Have two swimming caps. Put the googles on top oh the first one, then another cap to keep the googles securely in place.

Our team

We aim to promote triathlons and duathlons, and other sports, by encouraging people from all backgrounds – whether a veteran marathon runner or someone new to the sport – to take part in them.

All our members are enthusiasts, and far away from professionals 🙂

If you’re interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us – novices are always best to start with novices.

Triathlon Top Tip

If you lose stroke/breathing rhythm when swimming through overexertion, inadvertent contact, or a giant wave, allow recovery by taking a few meters in another stroke such as side or breaststroke.

Racing during the winter

We had a series of three small races during the winter. The races were popular with entry restricted to 50 places, so early entry was required. The aim was fun, fun, fun! No prizes, no entry fee, no special insurance packages, so have your own. Only some beer afterwards.

This has been a very interesting winter to try to organise races. All races were dependent on weather conditions, we had to be prepared for the worst. Helmets/full body cover had to be carried at all times.

Thanks to everyone for being so understanding and supportive in the circumstances.

As always with these events a huge thanks to everyone including the many volunteers who helped throughout the winter, marshaling, catering, laying out and taking in courses and with the many other tasks involved in putting on these races.

Special thanks to Andy, Will and all the staff at Forestry Commission who have been very supportive as we have all tried to cope with the alpine conditions.

Short (poetic) race report from the last race before the summer

At last, the trails emerged from their snowy covering, and the rearranged short race went ahead on a bright, breezy day with a reduced field of 43 competing despite the higher numbers pre-entered.

The bike course was modified to avoid the icy conditions, but conditions were dry and fast, not slippery at all.

The race leader built a healthy lead of over two minutes on the first running section.

The first junior finished 6th on the run, but then had the fastest bike time and reeled to race leader over the bike leg closing the gap to just 5 seconds by the finish.

Impressive winner of the female prize finished in 4th place overall.

Here you can out more about triathlon for the beginners.